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Bird Husbandry

Preparing For Chicks 

  • For the first 6-8 weeks chicks, need to be kept inside in an area such as a garage where the temperature can be well controlled in an area, referred to as a brooder

  • The brooder walls should be at least 18 inches tall to prevent chicks from escaping

  • The brooder can be filled with dry poultry litter or other easily changed surface such as wood shavings

  • There should be a heat source such as a heat lamp kept at 90-95 degrees for the first week and reduced 5 degrees per week as the birds age

    • Have enough space under the lamp for all chicks to not be too crowded and an area for them to not be under the heater​

  • Have clean fresh water and chick feed available at all times

    • Show a few chicks where the water is by dipping their beaks in and they can show others where to get water from​

  • Once the chicks reach 6-8 weeks old, they can be moved to the coop. For more housing recommendations, click the button below to be taken to the bird housing page

chicken brooder where chicks should be around the brooder, purina example

Picture from Purina- Baby Chick Care

chicks in a brooder with heat lamp water and feeder, meyer hatchery

Example brooder set up from Meyer Hatchery

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